Many Nigerians don’t want justice for Mohbad – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, has expressed his perspective on the #JusticeforMohbad movement.

He contends that many Nigerians may not be seeking genuine justice.

Reno Omokri.

Instead, they appear to desire a form of mob action against individuals they have already deemed guilty in the controversial death of former Marlian signee, Mohbad.

According to Omokri, the focus of the movement seems to be on swiftly punishing specific individuals who have been labeled as ‘guilty’ by the media, without allowing for due investigation and legal processes by the authorities.

Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

In a series of tweets, Omokri expressed sympathy for the Nigeria Police Force, stating that no matter their findings, they might not satisfy the demands of those advocating for justice in Mohbad’s case.

He suggests that these individuals have already identified certain persons they believe should be held accountable, and anything short of that would lead them to contest the police’s findings, accusing them of bias or bribery.

In his words;

“Many Nigerians actually do not want #JusticeForMohBad. What they want is mob Justice against identified people they don’t like. To them, Justice For MohBad means that it just must be a certain person or persons.

“I am really feeling sorry for the @PoliceNG. If their report clears certain persons, some people will insist they have been bribed or otherwise compromised. They don’t want an investigation. They want an inquisition.

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Many Nigerians don’t want justice for Mohbad – Omokri

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