Man wrongfully imprisoned for 48 years declared innocent, released

A man identified as Glynn Simmons who spent 48 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, has finally been declared innocent and released.

According to BBC News, Simmons was convicted in 1973 for the murder of Carolyn Sue Rogers.  He maintained his innocence throughout the years, and after a thorough review, the court has determined that he was wrongly imprisoned.

Oklahoma County District Judge Amy Palumbo, presiding over the case, made a ruling on the matter.

“This court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the offense for which Mr. Simmons was convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned… was not committed by Mr. Simmons.” the judge said.

Man wrongfully imprisoned for 48 years declared innocent, released

The decision marks the end of a long legal battle that began when Simmons, then 23 years old, was sentenced to death. The sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment in 1977.

Now 71 years old, Glynn Simmons expressed his resilience and tenacity.

“It’s a lesson in resilience and tenacity. Don’t let nobody tell you that it (exoneration) can’t happen because it really can,” Simmons said in reaction to his long-awaited release.

Glynn’s co-accused, Don Roberts, who also faced imprisonment for the same crime, awaits the outcome of the ongoing legal proceedings.

The developments come after a renewed push for justice and a comprehensive review of the evidence surrounding the case.

In light of the wrongful conviction, Glynn Simmons is now eligible to receive $175,000 in compensation.

Moreover, he has the option to pursue legal action against Oklahoma City for the years of injustice he endured.

Joe Norwood, Glynn’s lawyer, ¬†said Glynn is trying to sustain himself for now. He was quoted by NPR as saying;

“Glynn is having to live off of GoFundMe. That’s literally how the man is surviving right now, paying rent, buying food,. Getting him compensation, and getting compensation is not for sure, is in the future and he has to sustain himself now.”

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