Man whose girlfriend gave him a deadline to buy her an iPhone 11 ends relationship [Screenshots]

A Nigerian man has ended his relationship with his girlfriend of two years who issued him an ultimatum demanding him to get her an iPhone 11.

According to the chats shared by a Twitter user identifed with the handle @jayythedope, the ultimatum accompanied with a deadline.

The lady gave the young man the deadline to get the iphone, noting that she would end the relationship if he failed.

The chats reveal the moment the lady said a ‘Yes’ to the question asking if the iphone is of more importance to her than their two-year relationship.

Interestingly, the man had earlier bought her a bone-straight wig and had told her to be patient with him while gather funds for the requested iPhone, but she frowned at the suggestion.

To this end, the distraught man who sought counsel, took a bold step and cut off ties with the lady.

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