Viral News Man who was slammed by a lady for turning their first date...

Man who was slammed by a lady for turning their first date to an interview session fires back (Video)


A Nigerian man who was recently called out by a lady he took on a date, has reacted after she blasted him over his question to her.

During their date, he asked her where she sees herself in the next five years and she got angry and walked out.

She later made a video, calling him out over his ridiculous question and advising guys to mind the questions they ask on first date.

Reacting to this, he said;

“I am not ashamed to ask you where you see yourself in five years because I want a lady who is planning for the future not someone who is planning to fail. We went on a date and I asked you about your plans in the next five years and you walked out on me. Does that even make sense?”


  1. What is wrong with the question. He is caring enough to make you the center of the discussion. You went your separate ways. Is that increasing your chances of getting married or reducing them? Even this video makes you look fearful. Men are already scared of you. You make a video out of a private date you had with a guy and want to make it a public discussion. Even if you marry, you will make your family affairs public.


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