Man upgrades old house father left behind to modern, stylish bungalow; stirs accolades

A Nigerian man has received accolades after upgrading the old house that his father left behind into a stylish modern bungalow.

The young man took to social media to share how he picked up the rope from where his father left behind after he died and left them.

Old house modern bungalow
Old house.

He shared an image of the old and decrepit looking house the father had erected for them before his demise.

The dutiful son gave his home a new look as subsequent photo showed the stylish and modern looking building that stood in the place of the old one.

Old house modern
Upgraded house.

Folks have found this to be a remarkable fit and they expressed their accolades to him.

See how netizens reacted …

EBUKA said: “Congratulations my man.”

MARVE stated: “Oh Jesus remember my family.”

user2293027879895 wrote: “I wish my bro will see this video.”

Felix prince commented: “Congratulations I tap from your grace.”

princetom418 remarked: “You try do more than these for your children. more grace.”

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