Man takes drastic step after finding out 14-year-old son isn’t his biological child

A young man reportedly takes a shocking approach after falling victim to paternity fraud and realising that his 14-year-old son is not his biological child.

A social media user identified as @Vhoyde took to the platform to share the experience of an acquaintance who found out shocking news about his son.

According to the X user, the young man realized that his 14-year-old son was not his; hence, pulling a gun on himself and ending it all.

In his words;

“Just found out a guy I know shot himself last night because he found out he’s 14 year old son wasn’t his. Yeah man.”

Man takes drastic step after finding out 14-year-old son isn’t his biological child

The post has since generated a buzz on social media from users quizzing on a law that protects parents from paternity fraud.

Reactions as man finds out his 14-year-old son isn’t his biological child

Holar_Folarin said: “That’s 14 years of wasted efforts.”

omarszn_ penned: “How is there no punishment for paternity fraud?”

NutJobJimCF opined: “Women should be locked up for the amount of time the man doesn’t know.”

Insightshub_SA wrote: “No man can recover from 14 years worth of caring for a seed which is not yours…May the Bruru rest in peace.”

olaitan_5389 reacted: “A man once told me a story related to this 👈🏻 I saw a lot bruises in his body and I began to question him. And he said he once went to jailed for certain reasons. He told me that it’s good to be going court to see certain things that leads some people to jail.”

hychem11 said: “Wait! What?? Are there any kind of punishment in the constitution for people that commit paternity fraud?”

Sifela7 said: “My cousin turned into an abusive monster when he found out just a year into their marriage that his two year son wasn’t his. He stayed for the kid but it clearly changed him into a toxic wife beater. Shoulda left but I understood his pain.”