Man startles girlfriend as he gives condition which may crash their relationship

A Twitter user has dazzled his girlfriend after he gave her certain conditions that may end their relationship.

Man startles his girlfriend as he gives condition by which their relationship may crash

The man who has been identified as @Alh_steve firmly revealed that he told his girlfriend that if their relationship ever attains a height where a third party would have to interfere, then they are done.

Backing up his point, he noted that as a man, he should be able to handle his problems. However, if it reaches a stage where he cannot, perhaps it “is not worth fighting for”.

“I told my girlfriend, if our relationship ever has to reach a stage where a third party have to settle our differences, then we’re done!
As a man, if I can’t handle the problems, ups and downs, then its something I should let go, not worth fighting for. She was surprised, and till tomorrow she keeps wondering… what manner of man I AM!!!”

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