Man slows down wedding plan over fiancee’s shocking response on ‘rape allegation’ debate

A young couple faces a cross-road in their relationship over the debate on ‘rape allegation‘, leaving the man shocked by the response from his fiancee.

A Twitter user identified as @Wizrab10 took to the platform to share an anonymous note received from a lady seeking advice on her relationship.

According to the lady, her fiance asked whose side she’d be on if he’s ever accused of rape. Her answer, however, triggered an impending collapse of their relationship.

The note reads;

“Sir please post as urgent please I’m currently in a dilemma, I have dated my fiancĂ© for 5yrs now and he recently proposed and we are planning towards marriage, the big issue here happened last week, we were discussing about this whole rape thing, and then out of nowhere he threw the question: If I was accused of rape?

Would you believe me or the accuser first? I told him, it’s a very delicate matter and I can’t jump to conclusions and defend wrongly! He got up, took his car keys and left!

An hour later he sent a text reminding me of a time I was accused of theft wrongly and he stood by me even when it affected him! Now there was a time, i was accused of diverting company money and arrested, my fiancĂ© spent over 3m to make sure the whole issue was resolved as he kept saying his wife can’t steal! It took over 4months to get the truth!

How do I tell him being accused of theft is different from being accused of rape! I have dated him for years and I know he can’t do such from how we have been but you never can tell. Now he is saying he can’t commit to someone who can’t stand for him in trial period and now slowing the marriage plan. Please, I don’t want to lose this man.”

Man slows down wedding plan over fiancee's shocking response on 'rape allegation' debate
Man slows down wedding plan over fiancee’s shocking response on ‘rape allegation’ debate. Credit: Sir Dickson / Twitter.