Man slams religious people who criticize women who do plastic surgery

Man slams religious people who criticize women who do plastic surgeryA man has taken to Twitter to slam religious people who criticize women for doing plastic surgery just to make themselves happy.

In a series of tweets he shared, the man stated that there’s no difference between plastic surgery and what people do at the gym.

He wrote,

What’s the difference between a lady who does cosmetic/plastic surgery to take out some belle fat and tuck it into her hips, and another lady who works out 6 times a week for 2 years to burn the same belle fat and build her hips by squating regularly?

What’s the difference between one who does a one time facial cosmetic surgery to erase dark spots, acne, wrinkles so she could look 10 years younger and another who applies deep layers of cosmetic make-up everyday to have the same look?

I have heard several religious people say that plastic surgery is a “sin” because she’s altering what God created, but what does the gym do? Isn’t that also a form of alteration?  Why do we even have to judge other people using our stereotypical cultural or religious standards?

When we apply cosmetic make-up and look totally glammed up, build our chest and muscles, dye our hairs, wear beautiful tattoos or even put on artificial hairs, aren’t we altering our “natural looks”? Or are these lesser “sins”?

You might say the gym is safer, but who’re we to define what’s safer if a surgeon certifies a procedure to be safe. I’ve seen people break bones, dislocate joints & die from accidents or heart attack in the gym. So a bad procedure could happen in the gym or on the surgical bed.

I’ve also seen women who give birth to their child through Cesarean Section being shamed and condemned because the same people who judge others say CS is an “unnatural” process and she’s less of a women.

While the lady at the gym has $1000 to spend for 6 days a week over 2 years to get her result, the other lady is happy to pay the same $1000 for only 6 hours to get the same job done & it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t keep exercising.
Same goal, same result but different strategies.

There are also numerous types of plastic surgeries to correct deformities, scars from accidents, reduction or removal of a threatening body part. So not all plastic surgeries are purely cosmetic but who are we to decide what is functional for one person and aesthetic for another.

When we say people are not confident in their bodies, who’re we to say they aren’t and why don’t we judge those who wear braces to improve their dentition to have a better smile, those who wear expensive artificial hairs or wear expensive cosmetic make-up to look more beautiful?

Many years ago, women who wore artificial hairs were said to be attracting evil spirits and considered sinners but today things are progressive. Years ago women weren’t even allowed to wear eye lashes or skirts above the knee. The society always tries to control and condemn.

If you don’t like your job, fix it. If you don’t like your relationship, you should fix it & if you don’t like a part of your body do fix it.
Not everyone does things for external validation, some people just want to feel happy internally & beautiful in their body & that’s fine.

What works for Oprah is different from Beyonce or Kylie. There isn’t a single perfect formula to find true happiness, so let’s respect the choices of people if it makes them truly happy. Let’s advocate for best practices so far as people can afford it and it doesn’t hurt others.

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