Man shares how he mistakenly credited fan’s account with N400k instead of N40K

A Nigerian man has recounted how he mistakenly sent about N400K instead of N40K to one of his fans who asked him to help him financially.

A user using the handle @LawrenceOkoroPG posted on the microblogging site X that a fan had messaged him directly to ask for a hundred thousand naira favor.

After he clarified that he could only offer 40,000 naira, the excited fan eagerly sent the details of his account. However, when he was sending the N40K, he mistakenly sent N400K.

Man shares how he mistakenly credited fan's account with N400k instead of N40K
Man mistakenly sends money to fan. source: Google

According to him, he asked the fan to resend the excess money. The fan on the other hand deducted the initial amount he begged for; N100K and sent the man a balance of N300K from the money.

He wrote,

“Some time last year, someone came to my DM to seek a favour of N100k. I told him I can only give N40k from the N100k. He was excited. He sent his account details and I mistakenly credited N400k. He told me to send my account for refund of the excess, I did and he refunded N300k. He sent an epistle to explain how he urgently needs the 100k. I was lost in disbelief”.

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