Man shares how he changed the life of a hook-up girl

A cinematographer takes to Twitter to share the story of how he changed the life of a girl he was supposed to ‘hook’.

According to his post on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, he met a lady earlier this year and discovered she was into hook-ups.

He decided to talk her out of her job since she was still “young and redeemable”. Turns out she listened and got a job as a waiter at an eatery.

“Met a girl early this year, in our talking stage, I got to find out she’s into hook-ups. I decided to hit her with some hardcore truth before letting her go, cus I felt she was still young & redeemable. Guess who attended to me today at the eatery I came to watch match? Her
Obviously, she stopped. “

See post below;

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