Man seeks help from public as he struggles to solve cousin’s assignment

A Nigerian man has appealed to netizens to help him keep his ‘big uncle’ status after his cousin returned home with a challenging assignment.

He posted a photo of the Quantitative reasoning assignment book and asked netizens to help him how to solve the questions.

The man known as @Deputyzaddy on X admitted that he had to sacrifice his pride in order to seek assistance from netizens.

He invited individuals to either teach him how to solve the assignment or solve it for themselves and publish the solutions. He restated his firm decision to marry a clever woman who will be able to solve mathematical problems.

Man begs the public to help him solve cousin's assignment from school
Worried uncle seeks help for cousin assignment

He wrote:

“Please I need help. I’ve swallowed my pride. Someone help me solve this or teach me how to solve this. I need to retain my Big Uncle Status. Just number 1 to 6. Please.

“I’m trying to help my little cousin solve her quantitative reasoning assignments and believe me l have resolved to marry an arithmetic inclined lady.”