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Man rewards traffic hawker generously for trusting him and letting him drive off after promising to pay later



Man rewards traffic hawker generously for trusting him

A man has narrated how he bought an item in traffic but couldn’t immediately pay for it so he and the traffic hawker reached an agreement on how he could pay later.

The Twitter user said he bought a jump start cable worth 2,500 Naira from a roadside hawker while in traffic. Just before he could pay, traffic started moving and the hawker kept running after him. He couldn’t reach his wallet at this point and wanted to return the cable. But the hawker badly needed to make the sale.

The traffic hawker who sold to him then let him drive off with the item after he promised to pay later. The hawker collected his card and sent him a message with his account details.

When the man eventually transferred money to the street trader, he paid him much more and told him that the 100% tip is for trusting him.

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