Man requests refund from girlfriend who allegedly ‘locked him’ with juju

An angry man with the help of his mother requests a refund from his girlfriend over allegations of locking him with juju for over a year and milking his resources.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the drama between a group of people in the public about an alleged juju entrapment.

Man requests refund from girlfriend who allegedly 'locked him' with juju

The man could be seen ranting with his mother and others around them, accusing the lady of locking the man while requesting a refund.

The lady, however, defended herself by insisting that she did no such thing but all her words fell on deaf ears.

Reactions as girlfriend for locking him with juju

arief_fab200 said: “You wan make man love you eh baby you day lock am ? you think charm last forever? 😂 your face don clear now abi.”

kyda_xx opined: “She lock you or you be mumu? The thing resemble oo😂.”

_uggy stated: “Instead of using charm to lock a man, why not use that charm to make money? Abi women no dey prosper for una family ehh? 😂.”

learn_tech_with_us noted: “The best thing to allow a man love you naturally. Ju ju will expire.”

iam_bmodel reacted: “Make no body tie me oh Abeg. I wan use clear eyes find this love oh😂.”

Watch the video below …