Man recounts seeing girlfriend at friend’s party after lying about traveling

A Nigerian man has recounted his heartbreak after he found his girlfriend at a friend’s party after she lied that she was traveling for her sister’s introduction.

The man known as @king_shunal revealed that he had met the girlfriend during his university days.

Man sheds hot tears as he sees girlfriend at friend's party after she lied that she's traveling
@king_shunal. Photo source: Twitter.

He had spent a lot during their relationship in getting an accommodation for her and even going the extent of paying her fees.

The guy revealed that she had requested to travel home for her sister’s introduction. He consented and also payed for her transportation fare.

He said that he had shed hot tears when he saw his girlfriend at the friend’s party.

Read his full narration below;


I was still in my 100level, I was a fresh boy, money wasn’t a problem and all that. I met a beautiful dark skinned girl on wet evening. It had just finished raining…….

She caught my eyes instantly and I decided to approach her. We got talking and texting all day and all night. It was beautiful. I thought I had already found my Juliet because I was going to do everything in my power to be her Romeo

I found out she was staying with friends so I decided to get her her own place, changed her phone, paid her fees etc. it was all smooth until I started going broke.

Things weren’t as rosy as they were, we started managing, things started becoming difficult

Mind you she wasn’t the going out type and I also am not, so we always had fun indoors with lots of food and music and video games.

I could no longer afford electricity or even fuel for the generator. She started complaining that she can’t sleep when there’s no light.

This was someone that shared a room with 4 friends and they didn’t even have light before I met her.

She started giving attitudes, always telling me she wanted this or wanted that when she clearly knew I couldn’t afford it at the time…

That was an excuse to get angry and leave the house with the excuse that she was going to her friends’ to chill.

A lot of things went on that period that are countless but to save time and words, the worst thing I suffered at her hands was;…

She told me she wanted to travel because her sis introduction was close and she needed to be there. I said OK. Borrowed money for her transport and gave to her. She left.

During the weekend one of my friends told me his friend that just came from Lagos

Was having a party and we should attend. .. I didn’t want to go but after much persuasion I decided to attend…Lol, getting to the suite, behold it was a large party, the party owner walked in with a girl in his arms and behold it was my girlfriend. It was LINDA! Ah..

I got to find out that the guy has been lodged there since on Tuesday and my girlfriend has been with him since his arrival… Hot tears.. Omo…. I held it in and kept looking at her while she avoided my glances all through

My friend already knew what was playing, he asked me if I was okay, lol me that was already booking my bolt. My bolt arrived and I left. .I reached home, couldn’t eat or press my phone I just laid down and was so mad at myself for being such a fool

She didn’t call me until the following day.. I couldn’t eat lol. I silented the calls and finally put my phone off. The next day, I blocked her number.”

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