Man overjoyed as girlfriend sends him 10k for ‘haircut’

A man has been left completely dumbstruck as his girlfriend sends him N10K to cut his hair after he stylishly asked her for it without expecting her to give him.

The man revealed his girlfriend’s act of generosity while jumping on a recent trend on social media which mandated guys to message their girlfriends and request for 10k and a bottle of Hennessy, and much to his surprise, it worked.

On Friday, December 1, a Twitter influencer had encouraged women to spoil their men, saying, It’s haircut and Hennessy Friday 🫵🏾💈 .. Do right by HIM. TODAY!”

Lama made the decision to take a chance and sent his sweetie a screenshot of the tweet to see what would happen.

She put “Haircut and Hennessy” in the description section and astonished him by sending R250, or roughly N10k.

He posted a picture of his credit alert on the microblogging site, expressing his amazement at the 250 Rand he had gotten. He captioned the photo, saying, “She pulled up 😭😭😭😭”

See the Twitter post below:

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