Man narrates how receiving a heartbreak helped him graduate with an upper second class degree

A young man has recounted the shocking way an incident which was on the surface bitter, turned out to be for his good in the long run.

The man identified as, Oyiga Michael had been saving up his allowance in order to take his girlfriend for a date.

They’ve were waiting for a shuttle by the road when a car pulled up and the driver began chatting with his girlfriend.

To his surprise, the girlfriend was responding eagerly to the motorist’s questions.

They ended up in the man’s car, who took them to an eatery, footing both of their bills.

After they had finished their meals, the man took them back to the hostel, dropped the lady off and collected her number; he dropped the guy off at his hostel and squeezed in five thousand naira into his hands.

The guy, after crying about all he has just gone through decided to use the five thousand naira to get himself materials and become serious with his studies.

Read his full narration below:

“I realised I was not ready for a relationship very early in the University. Saved up my allawee planned to take this girl out to a nice evening. We were outside waiting on UNN shuttle and this car pulled up in my very before and started talking to her.. like “Hello Damsel”

She was responding to the man and I was just looking like wetin dey really xup for here. I don’t know what was said but next thing this man took both of us out.

Bought us food at Chitis..

Took us to Old Carol to drink pepper soup.

She was sitted at the front seat with the oga.

I was at the back alone. My phone died so! was staring the car window telling myself ” Guy na you be this “..

This man flexed us.. Brought us back to school.

Dropped her off in her hostel.

Collected her number in my very before.

Took me to my own hostel.

Folding 5k into my hand.

I enter hostel begin cry. All my roommates say wetin xup I tell them say I fail course na why I dey cry

Woke up the next morning. Use the 5k go buy material.

Begin dey serious with my studies.

Both of them got married last month. I attended the wedding. The rice bitter me for mouth.

She’s going to see this. And probably laugh her a*s off

Werey you and ur husband dey crase

Oh!! And I graduated 4.35/5.0 CGPA All thanks to the man for refocusing my studies”