Man narrates how he deceived his friend and got him electrocuted

A man identified as “chatinent” has narrated his childhood experience with a friend who followed him to press door bells while they were young.

According to the man who shared his childhood experience to Nairaland, he and his friend were notorious during their childhood for pressing door bells and running away.

However, he met his Waterloo after pressing a faulty doorbell which electrocuted him.

He wrote:

“We were notorious for terrorizing the neighborhood, pressing door bells and running away. Me and a friend. It’s our job after school.

One day I met my Waterloo by pressing a dysfunctional door bell having its wires stuck out. It electrocuted me to my marrows and threw me to the other side of the road.

I no gree. I wait for Kunle make e return. As e land, I carry am go that same faulty bell. He was always my accomplice so he ought to share in the electrocution.

Short Kunle hands couldn’t reach the bell. I volunteered to carry him on my shoulders. As he pressed the bell, infact wetin do me, my mouth no fit talk wetin do me that day”.

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