Viral News Man narrates his experience with toxic girlfriend who made him go to...

Man narrates his experience with toxic girlfriend who made him go to jail


A heartbroken man has narrated his sad experience with girlfriend who made him go into fraud and subsequently land in jail.

He wrote;

“What I did for love that sent me to jail. I have been in a toxic relationship with my girl for quite a while now, it seems that whatever I do for her is never enough, like she always expects me to do more.

I go out of my way to satisfy her. But she never appreciates me, there was a time in the relationship when I wanted to leave her, but she threatened to take her own life should I attempt such. I tried to go on along with it, but still, she complains, any little thing I do she compares it with what her other friends boyfriends do for them.

I try to explain to her that all fingers are not equal but whenever I say that she calls me a lazy and broke ass dude. I can honestly say that I’m fed up with the relationship, but I can’t leave her because despite her ungrateful attitude, I still have feelings for her.

Her attitude made me take the drastic measures I took, I got involved with some internet fraudsters, we did some deals and made a few cash. When I opened up and showed my girlfriend all these, I could never forget the look on her face.

She was so happy and told me that this is what I should have been doing from the start. I continued this new business venture and my girl’s demand only got bigger, but I was not worried as I was making money.

But like the proverbial saying “one day is for the thief, and one day is for the owner”. Nemesis caught up with me, and I was sent to jail, my girl whom I did all this for, could not sympathize with me, all she could do was blame me for the slip up, she said I was just too stupid to get caught. The most depressing thing is this, I still care about this ungrateful lady.”


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