Man loses 65-year-old mum days after she was raped by Kaduna hoodlums

A Nigerian man has been left to mourn his 65-year-old mum after she got raped by some hoodlums in Kaduna State.

Man loses 65-year-old mum days after she was raped by Kaduna hoodlums

The heartbroken man took to his Facebook page to narrate his ordeal. In a lengthy post, he stated that his 65-year-old mum was raped multiple times at KekeB near millennium city, Kaduna.

The aggrieved pleaded with the governor of the state, Nasir Elrufai, and the Nigerian police force to please look into the matter.

He wrote:

“I’ve wrestled with what to write after the shocking and sad news that we have lost my mum after she was reed multiple times by some hoodlums reach me, i am short of words, i am heart broken, i am shaking, my whole world has finally come to an end @PoliceNC I am begging in what ever you people believe in i need justice please, silver nor Gold I have nothing to offer all I seek is justice please I am begging. Guys help me tag the necessary authorities please ,

@elrufai I am begging even if the lives of the citizens don’t matter to you. please just this one time I am begging. This is a woman that just retired and should be resting please I am begging I have been on the run from my state for a while now cuz of the attempt on my life, my mum need to be moved to kogi for burial as that has always been her wish. Literally I can’t pay my mum her last respect cuz of fear of my life, guys pray for me please.

My mum just called me with pjnic in her voice, she said some people are trying to break into her house @PoliceNG. Location is KekeB near millennium city kaduna she’s not picking up please guys help me tag the necessary authorities plz, she’s all I have plz in God name @PoliceNG I don’t mind been you guys sl!ve at this moment, please I am begging she’s all we got, she’s only but a retiree please help this one last chance. I can provide all necessary easy details to the house please @PoliceNG I am begging just this one time please

While you all are sleeping and having a night rest, I am here thinking how mlan humans could be. My Mum was Ried multiple times, like how you break into one’s house, stfal from them and ripe them? How Dare you rte a 65 YO woman? May y’all never see peace ,*,* She’s at the hospital receiving treatment,* , this is all I got after leaving my house to go Serve my Father Land, May those who carried out this act nter know Peace in their entire life, I am running mad”