Man fumes as he offers friend N50k as wedding gift; friend rejects it, says it’s too small

A Nigerian man, Olajide Obe has taken to social media to share his unexpected dilemma after offering N50k wedding gift, only to have it rejected by an entitled friend who claimed it was too small.

The Abroad based man took to Twitter to recount how he intended to contribute N50,000 towards his friend’s wedding celebration, despite being unable to attend.

According to Olajide, he contacted his friend to inquire about sending a wedding gift. He then offered N50,000 towards the celebration expenses.

Man fumes as he offers friend N50k as wedding gift; friend rejects it, says it's too small

However, instead of receiving gratitude, Olajide was met with surprise and disappointment from his friend.

According to Olajide’s account, his friend swiftly converted the N50,000 into British Pounds, rounding it up to £25, and expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived inadequacy of the gift.

In his words;

“A certain friend is getting married soon. So I asked him to give me his bank details so I can send him ₦50,000 to get a wedding gift since I will unfortunately not be able to attend his wedding.

“While we were still talking, baba said so na £25 you go give me for wedding gift. I was confused and perplexed at the same time. He has already converted the 50k to GBP and felt he deserves more than the pound equivalent. I don’t have energy for back and forth, I just told him make he no vex. I’m surely not sending him any dime again, I’ll put my 50k to a more noble cause.” 

Netizens Reactions…

@Yincar said; “Someone I knew from school suddenly sent me a message after I was added to the school WhatsApp group. I collected his bank details and told him when to expect the money. Sent him 10k, and from his reply I knew he expected more. Luckily for him he didn’t say it. He for hear word.”

@RuthieofBuj1 said; “Entitlement spirit is bad. Please send me the money, I have seen husband.”

@SamanthaIdunumi said; “I always say this no body owe you shit!! If they help be grateful if them no help alaye find another way . People are going through a lot what you looks as a problem to might be what someone is wishing for!Sufyan Adam.”

@surfaze007 said; “It’s not our fault back home. It’s coz most of u in the Japa con3 usually throw money around when u come home, bragging how a single note in the Japa country can buy aeroplane in Naija. All these ideas & stories had been built into Nigerians for years & it’ll take years to change.”

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