Man finds out pregnant wife’s antenatal fee was N5,000 after giving her N50,000

A pregnant Nigerian lady has shared her husband’s reaction after finding out that she lied to him about her antenatal fee.

The lady identified as @presh4521 on TikTok confessed that she had been overcharging her husband.

According to her, she was collecting a whopping N50,000 from her husband to go for antenatal while the fee charged at the hospital was just N5k.

The funny woman showcased how she knelt down to beg her husband when he realised that she had been lying to him.

She captioned the video: ”POV: my husband found out that antenatal money is not 50k but 5k.”

The video has caused a buzz online with netizens sharing their experiences during antenatal.

@dorabeauty reacted: “My husband called my sister in law that is a nurse and ask her how much for antenatal she said whatever ur wife tell u is the truth.”

Mim reacted: “What if d husband na doctor wetin person go do pls help a sister.”

@joy said: “God forgive me because I don’t collect pass 2m.”

Qwinkaldre said: “God have mercy on my husband because he go suffer.”

ADERONKE commented: “Which hospital abeg cos paid 30 plus.”

SPECIAL GODSPOWER said: “I Dey collect 20k.”

Nonos_Signature reacted: “My own is 40k o private hospital.”

Ugochi said: “You go explain tire no evidence.”

Shugal gurl said: “I can’t wait to collect my own antenatal money.”

Mimisco baby said: “God have mercy on my future husband because he go hear word.”

Watch the video below:



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