“He’s like my brother” — Lady rants as boyfriend dumps her after she declared love for her male bestie (Video)

A young woman shared on TikTok how her relationship came to an abrupt end when her boyfriend discovered her expressing affection for her male bestie on her Instastories.

According to the woman’s TikTok video, she and her now ex-boyfriend had only been dating for three weeks and had gone on just one date during that time. However, their relationship took a bitter turn when she shared a seemingly innocent video of herself and her male best friend having a good time at a club.

The video was captioned with the words “Love him so bad,” intending to convey a strong friendship sentiment rather than a romantic feeling.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend perceived the video differently and became enraged after viewing it. He expressed his displeasure, stating that he was uncomfortable with the idea of his girlfriend having a male best friend.

The woman explained that she and her male best friend had known each other for an impressive six years, and their bond had grown to resemble that of siblings.

Despite attempting to explain the platonic nature of her relationship with her bestie, the woman’s explanations fell on deaf ears, and her boyfriend remained unyielding in his decision. ù

Shockingly, he decided to cut off all ties with her, ending their brief romance without any room for reconciliation.

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