Man drags lady who messed up his toilet after visiting him for the first time

Man sends an audio message expressing his displeasure after a lady failed to flush his toilet properly following a first-time visit to his place.

The lady took to social media to share the WhatsApp voice note she received from the man.

lady man toilet

Apparently, she had visited him for the first time at his place and used his toilet.

She didn’t flush properly, and the man took to her DM to rant his displeasure while shaming her for her poor toiletry habit.

Read some comments from netizens below:

fnprincekay said: “Shame has left earth. 😂 How can you be so shameless enough to post this”

ayomi___x said: “I Rebuke partner that doesn’t flush the toilet after pooing.
I can’t deal with it!👩‍🦯”

glammedbysuccess said: “Wait!!!! You posted this yourself? Or your phone was hacked? Because!!! Whats this shamelessness for Gods sake 😭😭😭”

victoriadominic said: “She flushed it na😂😂 it resurrected again😂😂😂”

Watch the video below: