Man cries out for advice over disrespect from girlfriend despite sponsoring her education

Embattled man seeks advice over his girlfriend’s attitude and disrespect despite the position of sponsoring her education.

According to the narration of a troubled man who shared his story through a relationship adviser, his girlfriend and her family do not value his worth.

Adding to his point, he emphasized how his sister-in-law stopped talking to him after failing to provide her with a gift item.

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Good evening Ma. Please I would love to hear some advice from you pls. I and my girlfriend have been dating for about 3 years now. She was there with me before I traveled and made it and God blessed me.

Since then till now currently am training her in school not majorly because she came from a poor background and not mainly on the fact that I love her but because naturally am a gentle, kind and nice guy.

I jus have that good heart. Her family is also aware that is because of me she is in school. She’s never bought me anything even to the least boxer. She only bought me something last year on my birthday and it was my money too cus she borrowed some money from me before that day.

She has never one day even suggested a gift for my own mom or even my younger siblings. I get her whatever she wants. I give her money most of the time. She is even the highest among her peers. Nearly all her peers envy her. She has never one day even suggested how am even going to further my education.

I don’t even receive the respect I ought to receive as guy in the relationship. She talks back at me nearly most of the time when we’re having a misunderstanding or quarreling.

She yells at me. Disrespect at times in public. I really felt bad at times. Her own family doesn’t even show appreciate or gratitude for what I’ve done for her. Her eldest sister stop talking to me cus I didn’t give her something for her birthday.

Sometimes I’m just really fed up with everything but I don’t knw why I still keep going with absolutely no positive benefit for the past 3 years from her.”

Man cries out for advice over disrespect from girlfriend despite sponsoring her education

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