Man allegedly dies in accident few days after purchasing new car

Tragedy as a young man dies in a gruesome motor accident, just a few days after purchasing and celebrating his brand new car.

It was gathered from online sources that the unidentified young man had only gotten the car newly when he got involved in an accident with it.

Man accident new car
Man dies in car accident.

It is not known how the accident had occured, but videos has shown that the car had somersaulted, leading to his death.

Also, it wasn’t made clear whether someone else had been in the car with him.

Man dies in car accident new car Read some reactions below:

Akalejug wrote: “Most of these guys drive rough it’s not anything about spiritual or ritual , I have been in a car with someone who was using me practice fast and furious my heart left me , I heard once they are on that steering they feel on top the world and believe they can’t die especially when they are using a luxury car”

callmi_koko said: “Raise am raise am vroooom!!!!!! Driving like you have 2 lives una many when car accident go still kill!!! DRIVE RESPONSIBLY!”

pemilola wrote: “The rate at which youths are dying in car accidents is alarming! Please if you know you’re not yet good at driving, don’t speed. If you’re drunk, don’t drive. Avoid hard drugs. Please maintain all safety precautions. This is sad!”

Watch the video below:

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