“Luckiest man on the planet” – Congolese lady surprises painter boyfriend with heartwarming valentine’s gifts

A beautiful Congolese lady received praise on social media after visiting her boyfriend, who is a painter, at his workplace and giving him gifts on Valentine’s Day.

The video is captioned “je t’aime mon amour,” meaning “I love you, my dear” in English.

"Luckiest man on the planet" - Congolese lady surprises painter boyfriend with heartwarming valentine's gifts
Congolese lady surprises painter boyfriend with heartwarming valentine’s gifts.

In the video, a beautiful lady is seen carrying a gift in her hand while patiently waiting at a building.

Not long after, a man believed to be her boyfriend appears, and she hands him a package. The young man immediately bursts into laughter, expressing his joy for the Valentine’s Day gift.

They both are seen smiling in the video. Shortly after the video made its way to the internet, concerned individuals stormed the comment section to share their thoughts.”

See some reactions below:

@Farouk Yola: “The luckiest man on the planet.”

Nocky-jee02: “when it’s the woman who loves you, don’t worry about anything.”

k.C9789: “so we still have good women alive on this earth 🌎 hmm brother please don’t hurt this girl please. lady God bless you Amen.”

DjoMib: “This is wonderful, what if Congolese ladies, understand that the gift can also come from the lady to the man.”

Margai 778302.: “See love, My own when i come from work she will say remove your shoe outside before coming please don’t bring such dresses here🤣🤣, this life nor b.”

Bobby_Timi: “When a woman loves you ,or when you see a good woman you’ll know and don’t need to stress ,things would go smoothly.”

user samueljames: “Our own nah to clear our account all the time I sha don tell her say I no do before she collect my future kids school fees.”

EmMAnuel Adu LArtey 💥: “how I wish I am part of the workers there 😁😁😁food don come.”

@TIME NO DEY: “We need to help protect this lady bcos she is the only one among the millions.”

cixx_de_oracle: xand someone just got one out the few remaining good ladies out here and I never get any. omo una sure say e go still reach me?”

Greg Hardy Khalid: “with this gesture there is nothing this man won’t do for you sister. stay blessed.”



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