Lola Alao breaks down in tears after being exposed for maltreating Aisha Abimbola’s two kids

Hours ago, News broke out, revealing how Actress Lola Alao who is based in Canada maltreats the two kids of her late colleague and bestie, Aisha Abimbola.

Ever since her untimely death, Lola has been taking care of their kids and sharing photos of them on her Instagram page.

Recall that Lola Alao took charge of the kids after their mum passed on in 2018.

She was initially taken to court by the father of the kids but she eventually won their custody thus, entitling her to all the monetary and other benefits from the Canadian government.

There was a time she took them out on a special treat just to have fun, another time she threw a party for the girls’s birthday and several other actions, that depict that she is indeed doing a good job in caring for them.

Only for an anonymous person to reach out to GISTLOVERBLOG’ on Wednesday evening. claiming that Actress Lola who resides in Canada maltreats late Aisha Abimbola’son.

The anonymous person pleaded that the blogger should do his findings that the love Lola Alao is showing the boy is fake love on for the gram. She disclosed that Lola uses the boy and his sister as errand kids while her own daughter is well pampered.

She added that at a time, the little boy reached out to Canadian government and they sorted everything and promised to take the boy to a foster home.

The anonymous person pleaded with the blogger to do her findings and ask people who had visited the actress in Canada to confirm her allegations.

The blogger however asked for evidence before posting but she later posted the DM for more clarity from people who knew the gist.

Hours later, Lola Alao made a video crying and cursing whoever is raising false allegations about her that she isn’t taking care of her late colleague’s child. She said the allegations are false allegations and not true. She wondered what the anonymous person wants to gain by tarnishing her image.

Iyabo Ojo on the other hand took to her instagram live video to curse the blogger (Gistlover) and everyone feeding her with lies.

She added that whoever gist lover is would be revealed soon.

‘When I was in canada, I spent 10days, I saw how Aunty Lola took care of him. The boy even promised to buy her foster mum ‘Aunt Lola’ a house in future’ . Imagine if he’s been maltreated would he has said such? She exclaimed!

The live went for two hours were she rained curses on whoever is tarnishing Lola Alao’s image. She added that, could it be the Award Aunt Lola is planning to do in Canada, that’s making people jealous?

However, there are two Canadian residents who came up to confirm that the story is true. See screenshot.

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