Little girl starts journey to becoming powerful priestess

Mixed reactions trail a video of a little girl, sharing her journey to becoming a powerful priestess of the marine kingdom.

The video was shared to TikTok, @littleogbanje, where some of her day to day activities as a priestess is documented.

In her video, she could be seen breaking some eggs as an appeasement for the gods, while also praying in the water.

Little girl starts journey to becoming powerful priestess

While some Netizens have encouraged her as they claim traditional culture should be practiced, others believe it is not suitable for children in the present century.

See some reactions to the post below

@emeka_ prayed: “I cover my future children and yours with the precious blood of Jesus. We shall all inherit eternal life in Jesus’ name 🤲”

@mhizchomywhitegab begged: “Please help me my spiritual husband is chasing away genuine men away from me😌”

@glowriavlogs asked: “So what’s wrong? Y’all introduce Christianity/Islam to your kids. To each their own”

@thatbillionairechic_ added: “I rebuke this for this child. The devil will not have your soul. You are too young to make your choice. Jesus is your savior and your redeemer. Every evil convent over your life, I come again it by fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

@everything_violin opined: “If the whites didn’t introduce Christianity and other religions to us, this might have been the case of Mann of us. To each his own!! We are only enlightened based on our scope. Una wey deh shout I serve the Lord, no be say heaven sure for una las las.”

Watch video here


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