Little girl burst into tears as parents announce pregnancy

A little girl, who has been an only child for a long time, bursts into tears as her parents announce they are expecting a baby.

The parents surprised her with the news of their pregnancy in a video that was shared online.

little girl tears parents pregnancy child
Little girl.

They handed her a gift package and urged her to go ahead and open it to see what was inside.

When she brought out several items that hinted at what the surprise was, she asked whether they were expecting a baby to which they responded in the affirmative.

The little girl burst into tears at this point, screaming that she doesn’t want to be a sister.

Another section of the video captures her asking her mother whether she would still love her the same way when they welcome their new baby.

Check out reactions that followed …

akejuteejay said: “Onibaje 😑 I wish the parents would have triplets. Tì e ba niyen 😂”

preshistone commented: “World don good sha. We go just see say our mama belle long nobody Dey reveal anything to us 😂. Anyway, Show her this video when she will come back from school and run straight to the baby to carry him/her without even greeting you people. 😍”

onome_bae_ wrote: “When u birth last born first”

oguamacharity requested: “Please give us update in 2years when she will be all over the baby playing big sis duty”

Watch video below …

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