Lil Baby and Khloe Kardashian spark dating rumors

Reality Tv star, Khloe Kardashian and rapper, Lil Baby spark dating rumors and have made headlines, after getting spotted together at dinner.

Khloe, who recently got bashed online over her birthday message to her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson seems to have moved on.

Khloe and Baby

Photos of the duo having dinner with friends and family surfaced on social media and had thrown fans of Baby into a frenzy.

Shortly after the photo went up, fans went on the microblogging platform, Twitter to ask that Baby be protected at all costs. While irate fans have their arms folded across their chests, others seem to think that Khloe and Lil Baby look could together.

Neither the 38-year-old, mother-of-2 nor the 28-year-old have made comments regarding this.