“Lightning goddess” – Little girl with unique shiny birthmark and white frontal hairs stirs reactions (Video)

A cute little girl has broken the internet with her unique shiny birthmark and white frontal hairs.

A video posted by @tasharuth00 on TikTok quickly viral, featuring the little girl with a white birthmark on her forehead and hair lip-syncing to a song.

Little girl with white frontal hairs
Little girl with white frontal hairs
Photo credit: @tasharuth00/TikTok

The video has captured the attention of netizens around the world, who are in awe of the girl’s unique birthmark.

The video shows the little girl singing along to a song while looking straight into the camera.

Her white birthmark, which starts from her forehead and extends to her hair, is visible throughout the video.

Reacting to this, netizens on social media expressed their amazement at the girl’s catchy birthmark.

The unique child has become a joy to many, with her confidence and talent shining throughout the video.

@Njeri ithagariene said: “She is so beautiful, make more videos of her.”

@Qary&Ace said: “Am in love with the birthmark. she is so beautiful.”

@cate reacted: “There must be something special about this soul.”

@Dollarhyde reacted: “She looks so adorable, Horse shinning star shining like a diamond.”

@chiks155 commented: “She’s a lightning goddess.”

@puritywilly85 commented: “Wooow, it’s like a crown in her head. She is a leader.”

@taireico reco363 said: “Why am I jealous of her beauty mark. Gorgeous.”

@Ilay.lolmonster.2212 said: “What’s the name of the song please.”

@LadyRed Ladell said: “She’s absolutely beautiful and have spiritual powers unknown to mankind.”

See the video below:


#uniquebeaty @jasto2030

♬ original sound – Vaileth Mwaisumo

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