“Life is cheaper in Nigeria” – Oyinbo man shows off food acquired with a dollar (Video)

An Oyinbo man named Chris has taken the internet by storm with his recent video, where he converted a dollar note into Naira and enjoyed an affordable feast featuring rice, beans, sausage, and a refreshing soft drink.

Chris, began his latest video by showcasing a single $1 note, humorously mentioning that it was equivalent to approximately N900 in Nigerian Naira.

The video kicks off with Chris indulging in a delectable street sausage roll, available for the pocket-friendly price of N100.

His excitement then led him to savor the beloved Nigerian snack, puff puff, all for the same economical amount.

Not stopping at snacks, Chris continued his exploration of local flavors by treating himself to a hearty meal of rice, spaghetti, beans, and a boiled egg, all acquired for a mere N400.

With a few Naira still in hand, Chris diversified his culinary adventure, procuring various street foods, including corn, African pears and other things.

Netizens Reactions…

@blessing said;  “Abeg na the same Nigeria I dey abi na another one.”

@theBestest said; “You de get oyibo discount. only egg na 100# plus spag, plus beans ha!!!”

@King Eunice said; “Where you see corn and pear 100naira Abi coke 100naira, spag and beans 400 plus takeaway haba na.” 

@Miss Stephanie said; “Corn and pear, my absolute favorite.”

@Bolu wondered; “That sausage is 100 naira?”

@ovwighospencer259 said; “Aswr 900 na e don buy full supermarket.”

@Ceedy Ekun said: “The prices are inaccurate Biko!

@Betterpen said; “Egg na 150 u too dey lie Chris.”

@Natalia | Career + Life said; “I’m going to Nigeria life is cheaper.”

@tazmaane said: “Good holidays day destination abi. waya, I’m coming too. 

@emaboss said; “Like seriously u can actually eat full belle @ 900.” 

See below;


This is what you can get for $1 in Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬 #streetfood #travelfood #onedollar #cheapeats #usa

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