“Let your children fear nobody when they are with you” – Comedienne, Helen Paul advises parents (Video)

Popular comedienne, Helen Paul has issued out a piece of veritable advice to parents as regards bringing up their children.

Helen Paul Children ParentsThe 43-year-old advised parents to develop the habit of playing with their children in order to build a friendly and mutual relationship between them and their wards.

She further instructed parents to ensure that their children do not fear anyone when they are around them.

Helen Paul Children Parents

Citing a recent sexual assault saga, Helen Paul marvelled at how a child kept mute despite being defiled since she was 7 years old only for the saga to surface now that she is 14.

Helen Paul further asserted that during her time, parents used to be the anchor and ultimate confidence of their children, but this seems not to be obtainable anymore. She, therefore, called for the revival of the parent/child relationship again.

Watch the video below:

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