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#LekkiMassacre: “It was a soldier that shot me at Lekki” – Eye witness and survivor shares his sad experience

One of the victims of the Lekki shooting identified as Anthony Ogbe has narrated his sad experience after he was shot that night.

The survivor who is receiving free treatment at Grandville Medical and Laser Centre, Lekki, said several hospitals rejected him before he ended up at Grandville.

He said;

“It was a soldier that shot me at Lekki. I was rejected from different hospitals before I got admitted here and my life was saved,” he said.

“They didn’t collect money to treat me; neither do they know my people.

“I was taken to the theatre so that they could bring the blood that is in my chest out, and that is what is passing through this pipe.

“I thought I had died, because my blood was just gushing out like pump. I never knew I would still be alive. We thank God for this hospital. Glory be to God.”

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  1. It’s sad that the same soldiers the wrecked the harvoc are denying their involvement in the unfortunate national tragedy, it’s equally sad that some gullible and wicked Nigerians are also in the school of thoughts that it was all photoshopped,our prayers is for all the perpetrators of this dastardly acts to be apprehended , prosecuted and executed appropriately. the leadership of this country is in coma,may God deliver us from this reign of terror that has taken over the land in Jesus name.


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