Lecturer uses fingerprint scanner to take class attendance (Video)

A lecturer has gone the extra mile to take class attendance with a fingerprint scanner to prevent students from writing the names of absentees.

The lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, has been praised for utilizing a fingerprint scanner to track student attendance after the video went viral.

Lecturer uses fingerprint scanner to take class attendance (Video)
Lecturer takes fingerprint of students. Source: Google

The lecturer used the fingerprint machine to take accurate records of everyone in his class and prevent petty fraud.

The video depicts the lecturer strolling around the classroom and handing out scanners for students to fingerprint.

Those who saw the video stated that the lecturer did the right thing because some students are notorious for entering the names of their absent friends into the class registration.

Others, though, believe that some pupils will discover a method to work around the lecturer’s novel notion.

Watch the video below.


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