“Learn to listen to your wife, these women see beyond” — Fashion designer, Yomi Casuals

Nigerian fashion designer Yomi Casuals, has given out an advice to his fellow men about listening to their wife, as they see beyond people.

Yomi Casuals

Acccording to him, there is an underrated gift that God has given to women that men barely recognize and this he says is … seeing beyond things and people in some situations.

Hence, he advised men to throw away their ego and make sure they listen to their wives when they give their input in family matters.

Yomi Casuals

Yomi Casuals, who’s the brother of popular stand-up comedian and actor AY, took to his Instagram page to share the advice.

In his words;

“My fellow Men please learn to listen to your wife oh! These women see beyond.

“No let your wide chest Dey deceive you like……… ”

See his post below:

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