Home Entertainment News Leaked chat between Bobrisky and transgender, Deevaah

Leaked chat between Bobrisky and transgender, Deevaah

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has leaked his chat with transgender, Deevaah who called him out for bringing a bad image to them.

Deevaah claimed that Bobrisky is one of the problems they have in Nigeria, and accused him of causing misconception about transgenders with his lifestyle.

Reacting to this, Bob dragged Deevah to filth, referring to her as a female pig and advising her to calm down so he can make her a millionaire.

He has now shared his chat with Deevah where the transgender begged him for help.

Sharing the chat, Bob wrote;

“Hey baby !!!!! I noticed you have been in my dm begging me to get noticed but sad I guess have got too much messages and too busy to read dm. you should have waited till d day I will noticed you maybe then I can help u and make you a multimillionaire instead of a clout chasing”.

See chat below;

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