Layi Wasabi recounts uncle’s two-hour journey to discipline him for failing physics

Renowned skit maker Layi Wasabi recounted how his uncle journeyed from Ibadan to Osogbo to discipline him for failing physics in school.

During an interview on the 90s Baby Show, the content creator shared that his uncle traveled two hours to punish him for excelling in biology, chemistry, and other arts subjects but failing physics.

Layi Wasabi
Layi Wasabi.

Because of his grades, it was suggested he switch to the arts stream. This displeased his mother, who believed he wasn’t taking his studies seriously and reported him to one of his uncles.

The next day, his uncle made the journey, and upon his arrival, Layi opened the gate for him and helped carry his bags, fully aware of his uncle’s purpose.

After his uncle had a glass of water, he asked Layi to bring his report card and then instructed him to lie down to receive a flogging for failing physics and performing poorly in mathematics.

Read some reactions from fans

Collins Opara said: “Sounds like your uncle had a serious commitment to discipline! That’s some dedication, traveling all that way just to hand out a lesson🤔 Must have been quite the memorable trip for both of you😂”

GodFather said: “Wokeness have spoil fun of being a child”

dyonglord stated: “I wish that the uncle is watching this right now. Would love to know how he feels watching this”

Deslilym asked: “Why would my uncle flog me if my dad can’t?”

LEGEND wrote: “When parenting was a chore”