Last video of one of the 2 ladies who visited late Andrew ‘chopping life’ surfaces online

A trending video shows one of the two missing ladies who visited late Andrew before he was allegedly shot dead.

The clip which has been making the rounds online showed the young girl enjoying life and eating at a classic restaurant.

Celine shared the video on her Facebook page on April 6, days before she and her friend left Port Harcourt for Aba to visit Andrew Ochekwo and have been missing since then.

Grace Albert reacted: “Wait is this really true? Celine is dead? Please can someone tell me what happened to Celine please! I had to come to her page to really confirm!”

Andrew Amini said: “This is the same hotel Mr Andrew always takes his victims to. If you check his videos,you will see it.The same place. She actually enjoyed before her death.”

Frank Keyman said: “When they were eating all these things for their mind dem don jam Real man that knows a woman’s worth.”

Warse Haaga wrote: “Contentment is key for everybody especially ladies…They look classy and portray some level of decency and claim of having a genuine source of income until wahala shows up. They live above their claimed source of income but the real hustle is behind the scenes until wahala shows up then everything becomes naked…I hope some ladies are learning.”

See the video below: