Lagos Police sacks sergeant for extorting young man of N98k out of N100k on his account

Lagos Police has sacked a sergeant identified as Ekpo Shinuyere for extorting a young man of N98K out of N100K from the bank account.

Elaborating on the incident, the command’s spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, in a statement disclosed that the sergeant, Shinuyere transferred an amount of N98,000 out of the N100,000 from the victim’s account to his.

Lagos Police sacks sergeant for extorting young man of N98k out of the N100k from his account
Lagos Police sacks sergeant for extorting young man. Photo credit: Google. Source: Google

According to Hundeyin, Shinuyere transferred the money to the young man by using a point of sale (POS) machine by the roadside.

Hundeyin’s statement disclosed that the victim reported the case of extortion to the Lagos police but the sergeant denied all allegations. In the process of the investigations, the POS operator was traced who confirmed the incident while a copy of the officer’s bank statement was also requested from his bank.

However, in order not to tamper with any evidence, the officer was put in detention prior to investigations.

“Police got the complaint from the victim and the officer denied the crime when he was contacted. The command placed him under detention so that he will not tamper with the evidence.

We wrote to his bank and obtained his statement of account. We were able to trace the money to where the POS operator transferred it before transferring the money to the officer’s account.

We followed due process to get his account. The victim was invited in the course of the investigation, and he testified.

The POS operator was also invited, and he said the officer requested him to transfer the money from the victim’s account to another one.

The commissioner of police, Lagos command, Mr. Idowu Owohunwa, reviewed the orderly room procedure of the officer with Force No. 461654, attached to Sogunle Police Division, and approved the punishment of dismissal from the force”, Hundeyin said in the statement.

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