Entertainment News Lady with heavy scars on her neck shares her heartbreaking experience (Video)

Lady with heavy scars on her neck shares her heartbreaking experience (Video)


A lady has shared her heartbreaking experience of how she ended up with heavy scars on her neck after a visit to her uncle’s house.

In the video shared by Afrimax, the lady narrated how she got the scars of her neck and how she has undergone more than four surgeries to feel better.

She said she is ashamed of her scars and hides the scars from her husband, for fear that he might throw her out if he sees the scars on her neck.

She shared;

I was born normal and everything was okay. We shared love just like a family. I turned 5 and that was when everything got ruined.

I got sick in the neck and started feeling a lot of pains. My parents started giving me herbal medicines which did not help at all as the pain continued and my neck began to swell. They didn’t have money to take me to hospital because at that time, it was too expensive.

I had an uncle who treated these kind of disease so they took me there cause my sickness was getting worse. We got to my uncle’s place and he asked me to be brave that what he wanted to do will hurt but it was going to work. My father agreed not knowing what it was, then he said my skin has been infected and he had to burn the fluids.”

She further narrated how her uncle put a hot knife on fire and how her parents held her down as they burnt her neck while trying to heal the infection.

The sickness got worse after that and she had to undergo several surgeries but still, the scars haven’t gone away.

She said she covers her scars from her husband with a scarf so he doesn’t see it. According to her, he usually asks her why she doesn’t take off the scarf from her neck but she avoids the question.

However she has now chosen to share her story with the world. Watch her video below;


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