Lady who underwent dental implant cries out over her new look

A lady, Jessica Macko has taken to social media to open up on her journey of transformation after undergoing cosmetic dental procedures.

Jessica Macko, who allegedly battled an eating disorder during her youth, disclosed how it had taken a toll on her dental health, leaving her teeth loose, decayed, and even missing.

Opting for a solution to address her dental issues, Jessica underwent dental implants, specifically opting for the “all on four” procedure.

Lady who underwent dental implant cries out over her new look

Providing an update on her progress, she shared her experiences on the fourth day post-implants, urging others facing similar struggles to connect with her.

Reflecting on the immediate aftermath of the procedure, Jessica recounted the daunting experience of facial swelling and severe bruising.

Describing the extent of the bruising, Jessica likened it to a Rorschach blot test, covering her chin, neck, nose, and under-eye area.

In her words;

The doctors did say I’d have some bruising. The day after I had the implants put in, my face swelled up humongously then the bruising started the day after that.

“I got quite scared. It just kept getting worse and worse every hour. It looked like I had a Rorschach blot test on my face, like the inkblots. I tend to bruise badly but I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

“I’m an artist so it was kind of cool to watch, but it was horrific because I’d never seen bruising like that on anyone’s face.

“It was on my chin and my neck, they were the most swollen and then it spread up and hit my nose and my under eye. It covered pretty much my whole face below my eyes.

“It hurt so much. For them to take out like all your teeth, I guess it just causes a lot of trauma but I had no choice because I was just having constant dental pain.

“I had no idea the pain would be that bad before I had it. I did not understand the brutality of it.”

Netizens Reactions…

Natural Selection Survivor said; “Um yeah call the police.”

jenna said; “I’m in dentistry and have done so many of these…I’ve never seen this.”

DrewMarrybore said; “I have you been to an emergency room? bc i’ve never seen anything like this.”

user3265267568628 said; “Dental assistant here, that’s a whole lot of bruising, wonder if you took blood thinners or ibuprofen before?.

Benthe Charlotte said; “That’s very abnormal bruising and swelling no matter what procedure.”

Kishen Godhia said; “This can definitely happen pretty rare, but keep your doctors posted with this info and they can help you from there! Congrats on the new smile.”

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