Lady who prophesied about getting married, shows off her man as her prophecy manifests

A young lady with the Twitter username @ta_agyemang has narrated how she prophesied upon her life last year and it manifested exactly as she said it.

She disclosed that she had written that she was going to be engaged by that same time the following year to a husband who loves and cherishes her who also has a good character and a big heart for God.

According to her, She met her fiance just the day after she had made these prophesies.

She wrote:
“Today is October 19, 2021. By October 19, 2022 1 will be engaged.

At the of age 28, I will get married. He will be beyond my dreams, beyond what ! could have imagined.

He will be exactly my type and just as it was prophesied my marriage will be special. We will have a beautiful wedding with lots of flowers(white flowers).

He will be extremely humble, extremely self aware, trusting of me, integral, have good character, be secure and he will have a heart so big for God that he will support my ministry in every way. His parents will love me. He will value me and he will make all the waiting, heartbreaks and disappointments worth.

Today I begin to prepare for him in every aspect of life, and when I meet him I will know.”

See her posts below:

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