Viral News Lady storms the road with Keke napep which she purchased with NYSC...

Lady storms the road with Keke napep which she purchased with NYSC allowance (Photos)


Uwaoma Susan Joseph has been the talk of Nigerians on social media after she opened up on how she purchased a keke with money earned from her service year.

The estate management graduate who recently completed the mandatory one-year service, shared photos of the keke on Facebook, and revealed she gets daily earnings from the transport business.

She opened up on how she saved up from the allowance given to her monthly to acquire a tricycle popularly known as keke NAPEP.

Uwaoma revealed she was earning N19,800 from NYSC and from her Primary Place of Assignment, N20,000. She stated that she saved up the monies and realized a total of N432,000.

Checkout photos below;


  1. Pls let us not make others’ feels that their hustling is not yelling fruits and it can lead to depression and lastly to suicide act,and she nerve stated that she got financial support else where may be parents, sibling’s relatives or friend’s. Check the arithmetic’s, 19800 Ă— 12 is 237600 and 20000 Ă— 12 is 240000 then 237600+240000 = 477600 then 477600-432000=45600 then 45600Ă·12=3800 then 3800 Ă· 30days = 126naira,pls my dear sister which state in these country that u will use 126 naira to feed or have three square meal a day,From the picture in the post, it was a photo shot and remain u that the other girl with a white polo is a corp member too but she might be the shy type for her not to snap her own but I really like ur ideal cus there is senses in it,at least awareness and u are can manage money too.


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