Lady shocked at fan’s DM requesting to be her “dog”

A lady takes to Twitter to share the shock she received after receiving a DM from a fan who asked to be be her “dog.”

Shocked lady
She goes through her DM request to find that one of her followers had sent her a long message. Upon opening the message, she sees that this follow had requested to be her “dog”.

According to him, he has wanted this for a long time now. He wants to be her slave and worship the very grounds she walks on.

The DM reads:

”Aunty good morning ma. My name is…I’m chatting from…a state.

Please aunty there’s something I want to beg you, it have been my wish for a long time to be a slave to a beautiful and dominate woman like you.

Please ma’am I want to be your slave forever, I promise I will always be loyal and submissive to you… I will serve and worship you and I will always be under your feet.

I don’t mind being naked before you, I don’t mind being flogged on my buttocks everyday just to show my loyalty to you. Please aunty I’m begging you, I really want to be your dog.”

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