Lady shocked as man invokes ‘juju’ on her after taking his N20K without visiting

A young Nigerian lady shares the unexpected juju approach taken by a man after she collected a transport fare of N20K but failed to visit him.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the lady shared a video of herself, followed by an act of ritual received from a man.

Lady shocked as man invokes 'juju' after taking his N20K without visiting

According to the lady, she collected the money from him and failed to fulfil her end of the bargain, stirring a reaction from him.

The man is seen allegedly chanting juju on the lady’s video while stating in the background that she had messed with the wrong person.

“You chop a guy money on Instagram and he sent you this,” she captioned the video.

Reactions as man invokes juju on lady who failed to visit after collecting N20K

Drizzy__vibez stated: “Lmao it’s all cruise until you start falling sick. If you don’t have intentions of going never accept the bid of the person.”

Dr_Pharouk opined: “Why would a guy send you 20k for transport and you won’t show up? It’s not nice at all. Return his money if you don’t want to go.”

Xandyy_Jay reacted: “It’s a lie. There’s nothing like juju. She shouldn’t panic at all. Juju is mindset, it doesn’t work. That’s it.”

sophia01w added: “But why would a guy send 20k as TP, are they living in the same area. Too poor please.”

Watch the video below …