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Nigerian lady shares father’s reaction after she gifted him water dispenser

A Nigerian lady identified as Shola has shared her father’s reaction after she surprised him with a gift after her NYSC.

Taking to Twitter, the proud daughter said,

“After my nysc I thought of what I can gift my dad as a sign of appreciation, we have everything at home what is missing. WATER DISPENSER, then I made up my mind to get. I got home told mum about it she said very ok, so we went to get it and I hide it inside my room.

My dad Got back from work, I allowed him to rest well, then I knelt down thanking him for believing in me, I thank him for the care, I told him dad I have a small gift for you, I was still kneeing down so I signalled to my kid bro to bring it out, my dad stirring at me wondering what d Gift could be.

kid bro struggling to carry the water dispenser, when my dad saw it he opened his mouth in amazement, thinking what could this be, but immediately he sighted my other bro bringing the Cway water he stood up, then I presented it to him, next thing I saw Was tears my dad said Fola why do you have to spend this much to show appreciation, how much is your allawee, so you saved up just to gift me this.

Then he started praying for me, one of the prayer points was Fola you will never be thirsty in life. My dad told my bro, DNT worry I Will fix the dispenser myself. Then he got it fix, there was no light so we could not check it’s function, we all went to bed..

the following day my mum told me my dad woke up in the middle of the night when NEPA brought the light,he went to the sitting room Then he sat wait for it to start working, wait for the water to get cold drank it, went to call my mum that she should come see the water dispenser is very good that the hot water coming from the dispenser can make Eba ?

this man that has been drinking from the fridge abandoned Fridge but only drink from the water dispenser, if we want to serve him water he will say don’t worry, then he will go and fetch from the dispenser sit close to the dispenser.

If we have any visitors, especially his friends, he will go and take water from the DISPENSER and start Telling them fola bought the dispenser for me after her nysc, that dispenser is so good, please help me pray for her..

Till date my dad say no one should clean the dispenser, he does the cleaning himself everyday? I’m glad he appreciate it, I love that man Die❤️❤️❤️Fathers they try appreciate them once in a while….”

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