Lady shares ex-boyfriend’s reaction after she sent him video of N200K wig she bought

Man roars after his ex-girlfriend ‘mistakenly’ sent him video of the N200K wig she bought for herself.

The young lady known as @chintijamaluddin_4 took to her social media page to share a video of her ex-boyfriend’s reaction after she bought an expensive wig.

Lady shares ex-boyfriend's reaction after she sent him video of N200K wig she bought

After sharing the video to him by ‘mistake’, the ex-boyfriend lambasted her for trying to make him feel insecure by sharing videos of her expensive wigs.

According to him, she is trying to make it seem like he wasn’t good enough because he couldn’t afford to buy her such expensive wigs.

He sternly warned her not to send such videos or photos to her again, since they’re no longer dating.

Read some comments from netizens below:

@emperor1244 said: “Some girls don’t need boyfriend all they need is sugar daddy
Because they are too materialistic 🤦🏾💔”

@wfheitingar said: “I’m so petty, I’ll mistakenly send her back home”

@Non_Binary12 said: “The lady is not over the guy yet, there is no mistake there
She intentionally did it, if I am the guy I will read the message and Air her papa

That one hurt more

Two can play the game”

@Shile_matrix said: “Weytin be the guy own? Why he wan wolor him eye 😂🤣😂😂🤣”

@Mcicharles said: “He started well, but finished poorly

What pressure??”

Watch the video below:

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