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Lady shares encounter with cab driver who wept while narrating reason for being single since last seven years

Lady shares encounter with cab driver who wept while narrating reason for being single since last seven years

Young lady narrates an encounter with a cab driver who shared the story of his life that left him single for the last seven years.

Twitter user identified as @Aprokonurse1 who ordered the services of a cab driver spoke on an encounter that led to the driver weeping.

According to Aproko Nurse, the driver once spent his life resources sponsoring his lover to school only to be dumped after she graduated from school.

Read the full narration below …

“I met a man today, he’s a cab driver, so he started a conversation when he drove past a fair lady, he told me how she left her hubby because he became financially handicapped.

I didn’t want to respond but had to, so I could hear him out, so as we were talking, he confessed that he almost once dated a lady 7 years ago, but she ran away.

I asked him what really happened, he narrated how he trained this lady in school, paid for a trade so she could learn, hair dressing, he rented a saloon ,bought a generator and other equipments that she needed for her.

Unfortunately in her final year in Uni, her mother became ill, he spent so much money on hospital bills, but she finally died, he paid for the corpse to be moved to the mortuary, they started making burial preparations with other family members of hers, her mom was laid to rest.

Few weeks after her Mom’s burial, she graduated from school, about to go for Nysc, he lost his job, his only car was involved in a fire accident, it was terribly damaged, just within that period, his landlord asked him to vacate the apartment he was occupying, things became rough.

He said one day, his girlfriend sat him down and told him that as she would be learning for her youth service, she doesn’t think she still wants the relationship, since things have turned out this way for him, that she can’t suffer with a man, and she was only with him because things were not working out for her and her family, the man said he became mute for some minutes, he thought she was joking.

Aunty packed her things and moved out of the house, went for service and never returned, he only learned of her wedding few months later, he said he was heartbroken and Since then he has refused to entangle with any woman, for over 7 years, cause of what she went through in the hands of a woman, after everything he did for her and the family, she decided to do such to him cause of how life became rough with him, I felt for him. 🥺

When I got to my destination, I stayed for some minutes to encourage him to at least give love a second chance, it’s been 7 years already, and at least he should have been healed by now, and that all things works together for good, he still wouldn’t listen, he drove off, sad. 😞

Been a while I saw a man cry so much, he was even sobbing 😭 This gender is wild, y’all need to be carful, don’t sow where you won’t reap!!!
Women you can do better!!” 

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